Topless 20 year old Austrian, Different Direction EP1

Six Austrians, an Englishman and a Dutchman walk into a bar. Not really, we’re actually making a snowboarding movie together!

We’re stashing away the best footage, but we have a lot of fun making videos, so this is the first of three (or maybe more, we don’t know yet) episodes called ‘Friends on a Mission’ that we are going to put together over the winter. They will kinda act as teasers for our movie, and we might make a teaser too anyway. Each episode will feature a mission of some sort, to hopefully help remind people that snowboarding isn’t just about finding gnarly spots and landing perfectly, it’s also about landing on your face, doing backflips to flat, and sometimes taking your clothes off.

So yeah, our movie. We have no deadlines, no pressure, just a few happy dudes out in the cold starting arguments with handrails, charging deep snow and yelling in the trees. It’s called A Bunch of Friends Snowboarding.

Our movie coming this fall.

Marco Feichtner
Sebi Geiger
Thomas Feurstein
Christian Geiger
Alex Fischer
Bob Van Unnik

Filmed & edited by
Theo Acworth & Sebi Madalena

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