These are the vids that got the most Props. You’ve probably already seen ’em once, or twice or a dozen times, but might as well watch again. Burn those eyeballs. Get inspired, go get yours, have your buddy follow-cam your ass, edit something, and submit it. That’s how it starts.

Magic Flashlights

Directed by Mike Benson

These Days Teaser

That’s It That’s All Metal Teaser

2008 Video Preview

We couldn’t fit all the video previews in the Top Ten Post, so here a few from 08/09! Click here to see the original post and all the teaser from the winter.

Down With People/Mack Dawg Productions

Double Decade/Mack Dawg Productions

Forum Or Against ‘Em/Forum

Click here to see the full post

Ashbury Introduces Zac Marben

High Cascade Session 5 Recap

Video by Justin Meyer/HCSC

Almost Dead Teaser

Behind the Scenes of a Transworld Cover Shoot

StepChild Downloaded Teaser

Marc Swoboda Video