Top Ten Events Of 2013

From grassroots to the global stage here are the Top Ten Events of 2013 selected by the editors of TransWorld SNOWboarding.

Ultra Natural

Formerly the Super Natural (with earlier ties to the Natural Selection), this unique approach to riding untouched terrain led by Travis Rice garnered global attention. With a gnarly, powder-filled course at Baldface Lodge in BC, the Ultra Natural brought the world’s best riders together for a one-of-a-kind experimental event. Although it will be missed in 2014, we’re hoping it returns and continues to evolve.

Nicolas Muller boosting at the 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda 

Red Bull Ultra Natural 2013 Recap

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Bode Merrill Mini Pipe

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy (and no, that’s not a Sublime reference. George Gershwin wrote the original). But it’s true. After a long winter of shredding, summer is all about laying back (like Ted Borland below) and having a good time, easy style. Double corks be damned at at Bode’s Mini Pipe event.

Ted Borland with a righteous nuclear. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt.

2013 Bode Merrill Mini-Pipe Invitational from High Cascade Snowboard Camp.

Holy Bowly

Snowboarding’s all about flow, creativity…how you move that board beneath you. So why not develop features to harness it? The Holy Bowly in Tenjin, Japan lies somewhere between riding banks and ripping a slopestyle course, or just a concrete skatepark for snowboarding.

The majestic Holy Bowly course. PHOTO: Aaron Blatt

The TransWorld Nation crew shreds the 2013 Holy Bowly

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Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom

Sure, Banked slaloms are hot right now. But one can’t overlook the one that started it all. The Mount Baker Legendary Banked Slalom is one of the purest, longest-running events in snowboarding. It’s simple yet demanding, and truly tests the rudimentary skill of all riders. And it’s always made better by Baker dumps…

DCP tears down the 2013 Mt Baker Banked Slalom. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

TransWorld’s Nation edit from the 2013 Banked

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Dirksen Derby

Short and sweet. Reminiscent of a Hell Track. The Dirksen Derby has become an early season destination for pros to weekend warriors to kick off the season and test the legs in some tight berms. The charity backbone of the event and the peripheral parties make it worth the trek.

Austin Smith at the 2013 Dirksen Derby. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

Here’s a little of this year’s Derby from Lick The Cat

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US Open

Although the iconic east coast event has moved to Colorado, its heritage continues on. From early days of pointing it on pointy boards to Kass and Kohubo crushing the pipe, the Open is one of the most revered gatherings in snowboarding. The underdogs, open entry and legacy alone make it worthy.

Eric Willett was having a pretty tough time clearing the jumps until the last run, then he was able to boost. Photo Nick Hamilton

2013 US Open Slopestyle

Powder and Rails: US Open Part 1

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Tailgate Alaska

AK is on the bucket list for many a rider, but where do you start? Tailgate AK offers a base to chase those dreams. Aside from this ground control, the Flow World Freeride Championships Tour goes down during the event, too.

Searching for soft between the crumbly. Moss Holladay takes some turns during Tailgate Alaska. PHOTO: Ben Gavelda

The Flow Freeride World Tour 2013 Recap

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Last Call

The big bash on the East. Last Call at Loon embodies that collective vibe of east coast riding in a park thrashing, shenanigan-filled fest. It’s a proper way to cap off the year with sick setups, rad people and good times all around.

Henry Padden dropped into the Loon wallride from the chimney on a tiny baby board. We think that’s the reason why he left the contest with a chick in arm. PHOTO: Mike Azevedo

GT Memorial

This misty gathering in interior BC tends to pull people out of the woodwork for a good ol’ Canadian shindy. In celebration of one of NoBoarding’s founding fathers, Greg Todds, the event circles around an undisclosed location with a bindingless board race. Roots…

This is the run you have to take on a NoBoard. So many trees…. PHOTO: Joe Carlino

A look at the 2011 event from Video Grass’ Retrospect

Ride Shakedown

This rowdy gathering at Mont Saint-Sauveur, Quebec draws a loyal mass. From up-and-coming Quebec rail cats to slope prodigies like Sebastian Toutant (who came up through this contest) the Shakedown will leave you shook.

The 2013 Ride Shakedown Recap.

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