GLUE by Christian Haller: 

The follow-cam through powder is one that most don’t step to. The odds of taking a spill and completely submerging your gear in frozen water is high, as well as simply getting caked by the rider’s spray. How they keep a clean lens through these deep runs is baffling. GLUE is one giant follow-cam spectacle. Full Movie Right Here.

Filmed by Christian Haller, Kris Lüdi, and Stephan Maurer.

S P A C E by Chad Unger:

Chad Unger goes all out with his filming, stuffing his camera in the tiny, momentary crevice of a trick. He follows dangerously close, choosing to film cautiously, opposed to safely. Risking life and lens for the clip. Full Edit Right Here.

Filmed by Chad Unger.

Yawgoons 16 (but basically every edit of theirs to date)

To be one of the best filmers in the game doesn’t mean much if the snowboarders aren’t handling business. Luckily for Dr. B, he’s accompanied by some of the most creative minds in snowboarding. Turning a relatively small patch of snow in Rhode Island into a field of dreams. The follows are super clean, featuring some exemplary board control. Full Edit Right Here.

Filmed by Dr. B.

Austen Sweetin – Welcome to Quiksilver:

Gotta give some love to the long-lens follow, even if it’s from a car window. Seeing Austen Sweetin go mach 10 down a neighborhood sidewalk is truly a blessing. Check these clips from his Welcome to Quiksilver video and Absinthe Films’ AfterForeverFull Edit Right Here.

Filmed by Absinthe Films.

adidas Snowboarding 3:00AM:

Big ups to Colton Feldman and Jake Durham for presenting street snowboarding in the refined manner that they did for the adidas Snowboarding 3:00AM video. Two of the most on-point lensmen in snowboarding are sure to have a very solid follow game. Check this montage of follow cams from the video. Full Movie Right Here.

Filmed by Jake Durham and Colton Feldman.