Top 5 Most Stylish Tricks of 2014

Merry Christmas!

Ever since this year end list started, we’ve called it the Top Tricks. It's been a mix of the most progressive tricks, with the occasional trick picked for style. But style is just as important—some would argue more so—than the traditional definition of progression in snowboarding: adding another spin, flip, or going a few feet bigger.

This year we created two lists, one to focus on the riders who we thought did tricks with the most style, and one for the rail flipping, gap clearing, one-footed craziness that went to down.

So today, we start with style. Tomorrow, our picks for the Top 10 Most Progressive Tricks Of 2014.

5. Kazu Kokubo, backside 540 in Stay Bad Ass

Kazu's always been one to make snowboarding look good. Stalling this backside 540 stalefish in the Whistler backcountry to add a little extra tweak put him on the list at number 5.

4. Mark Sollors, frontside 360 frontside grab in Burton Presents

Any front three Mark does could have made this list, really. This one just happens to be the cleanest and biggest he did this year.

3. Dylan Gamache, backside 180 switch toeside carve to revert in Yawgoon: Dylan Gamache

They make the most of what they've got with the 315 vertical feet in Yawgoo Valley, Rhode Island, and that happens to produce some creative, style-driven moves from riders like Dylan.

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2. Ben Ferguson, backside 540 butter at Peace Park

From his wall-to-wall 360 carves to finish pipe contest runs, to his transition surfing in the opener to Snowboarder's Foreward, Ben has brought a good look to snowy walls everywhere. Here he is at Peace Park, with another backside 540 butter.

1. Danny Davis, switch method

Danny's switch method to open his run at the 2014 Mammoth Grand Prix showed that pipe riding doesn't have to be about 1080s and double corks on every hit. He continued to refine his run, adding a backside 360 stalefish to switch method combo to win the 2014 X Games pipe. From pipe walls to Peace Park, Danny's switch method is our pick for the most stylish trick this year.