Way back in the day, kids, we used to have to wait for snowboard movies to come out on DVD each fall. Heck, before that, they were on these things called VHS tapes, and you’d watch the good ones so much the tape wore out. When the occasional snoozer part came on, you would walk across the room to fast forward. Now, we get some of the best snowboard videos for free right here on the internet, all thanks to the hard work and generosity of the dedicated filmers, editors, and riders that make it possible.

These are our favorite five released for free this past year.

The 1817 Movie

When 1817 puts something out you stop to watch. With standout parts from Jake Moore, Ethan Deiss, Tony Wagner, and a crew of other Midwest heavyweights, as well as a heater segment from Lucas Magoon, we are all fortunate that The 1817 Movie is readily available for free online. This one's an instant classic.

Spark Plug

Colton Morgan has no problem taking matters into his own hands when it comes to making movies. From the creator of Under Dawgs' DAE and Video Mixtape, Spark Plug carries a similar DIY aesthetic, this time with a cast comprised of some returning members like Jordan Morse but with the addition of new faces like the Flyinggg crew.

The Bruners Video II

Not all that long ago the crew often referred to as Déjà Vu was a group of relative unknowns out of Canada with unnatural talent for street riding. The also-Canadian Bruners crew is reminiscent of Déjà Vu's Sugarshack/Band Wagon days. Heavy spots, impeccable style and trick selection. This is the next crop of rail talent out of Canada.

Wasted Youth: The Sequel

You've heard it before. Filming in the backcountry is tedious, strenuous, and requires an absurd amount of effort. All true. Thus, it's especially impressive when a crew puts together a DIY pow vid, and that's what this is. Think big backcountry lines and sending with less granola than whiskey.

Off & On

Edited and primarily filmed by Sam Tuor, Off & On is not a traditional trick-based snowboard film. Though there is plenty of pow ripping, this project profiles the modern day working class snowboarder through main characters Johnny Brady, Kyle Miller, and Kael Martin and is one of the most original films we've seen released in some time.

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