Top 5 Most Stylish Snowboard Tricks of 2015


Terje Haakonsen has called style, “the deciding factor in boarding.” Jamie Lynn says that, “Style is the essence. It's organic—just the way you do things. It's your creative expression.”

We revere those who have it, decry those who don’t: "Bad style is what you fear—tricks that just look horrible and ugly," Danny Davis says.

Countless amounts of ink and megapixels have been spent trying to define this illusive term, yet style remains one of the most revered and divisive elements in snowboarding.

One thing is sure—after all the corks have been corked and spins have been spun, style is the only thing that matters.

These are our picks for the Top 5 Most Stylish tricks of 2015.


#5 – Torstein Horgmo, backside 540 in Shredtopia


#4 – Dylan Gamache, Cab 360 butter shifty, switch toeside carve revert in 2032


#3 – Kas Lemens, wallride to Michael Jackson in 2032


#2 – Dan Vinzant, tuck knee boardslide through a double kink in Rendered Useless


#1 -Kevin Backstrom, backside 360 method to frontside 180 rewind in In Motion

(Editor’s Note: In some circles this trick is known as a Backside 360 crystal method.)