Top 10 Most Progressive Tricks of 2014

When we put together this list we looked purely for the riders doing tricks that pushed snowboarding forward by either getting more technical, going bigger on a stock trick, or doing something that had never been done. Not that these tricks weren't done with style, but if you want to see the ones we thought looked best this year, check out the Top 5 Most Stylish Tricks Of 2014.

With triple corks becoming the new double cork for many riders, a lot of the more progressive tricks were done in streets, where riders continue to find new ways to hit spots and flip into and out of features. The contest scene saw some progression as well, most notably with Sina Candrian landing the first contest 1080 for a woman during the Sochi Olympics, Sage Kotsenburg putting down a Cab 1260 Holy Crail and the first contest backside 1620 japan, and Louie Vito linking together a frontside invert to frontside double cork 1080 in the Breckenridge Dew Tour 2014 pipe.

But this list is made up of what we thought were the most progressive tricks—meaning biggest or most technical or NBD—filmed in 2014. Are there any other tricks you think should be on the list?

10. Sam Hulbert, Cab 270 misty flip out in Almanac

Flipping into or out of rails continues to get crazier. Sam brings some next-level tech wizardry with this one.

9. Torstein Horgmo, backcountry backside 1080 double cork to frontside 900 nose grab in Shred Bots

Backcountry double lines are rare enough as it is, but Torstein puts down one of the biggest, and definitely the most technical, to date.

8. Austen Sweetin, Cab 540 in Heavy Mental

Austen warms it up with a monster frontside 360 in the opener to Heavy Mental, before getting a Cab 540 on this step-down to close the first song of his two song part. The Cab five itself obviously isn't progressive, but the fact that Absinthe Films director Justin Hostynek calls this shot the biggest landed air he's ever filmed makes it stand out. (Hostynek says Travis Rice's overshoot on Chad's Gap while filming for Pop was the biggest air he's filmed, that wasn't landed.)

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7. Danny Davis, T-Bag at Peace Park

First, a little credit where credit is due. Most notably, Scott Blum has been dropping the T-Bag (a frontside invert to fakie hardway) on transitions around the world for a few seasons now. Danny Davis makes this list for stepping the trick up to the top of this wallride out of Peace Park’s 22-foot bowl.

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6. Spencer Schubert, gap to frontside boardslide in Foreward 

Spencer had a hell of a closing part in Snowboarder's Foreward and this full-commitment gap to frontside board was the well-deserved ender ender.

5. Halldor Helgason, roofgap rodeo flip in NoToBo

How did Halldor know he'd have enough speed for this gap? He didn't, but he continued his roof-t0-roof assault anyway, stepping up with a rodeo. Tough call between this and his backlip through the curved quad kink in his NoToBo part.

4. Frank Bourgeois gap Cab 270 in Los Bum

Frank was on a tear last season and is a solid contender for Rookie Of The Year. This massive gap Cab 270 is the heaviest of the many heavy tricks in his Los Bum ender.

3. Pat Moore, 50-50 540 out in Mr. Plant

Pat is a beast in the backcountry or the streets. Mixing a high consequence drop with a tech spin out, Pat went balls out on this one.

2. Bode Merrill, Double Miller Flip in Heavy Mental

Bode's Heavy Mental part was so insane he could have had three or four tricks on this list. The NBD double Miller Flip in the backcountry raised the bar.

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1. Bode Merrill, one-foot over Pyramid Gap in Heavy Mental

Bode set the bar at Pyramid Gap this year with what’s probably the biggest one-footer ever done. He's wanted to get this trick for three years now and badly bruised his kneecap on an early attempt, before finally landing it this season.

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Justin Fronius, 50-50 gap frontside 360 to 50-50 in MAYDAY

Justin continues as one the most progressive up-and-coming street riders after winning our 15th Annual Riders' Poll Rookie of the year award last January.

Seb Toots, backside rodeo to frontside boardslide in Seb Toots street edit 2014

Seb filmed this part in two weeks and has some shit that would have taken many riders a season to film: nose press on a closeout to frontflip out, boardslide rodeo to boardslide and a backside rodeo to frontside boardslide at 2:03.

Seb Toots, backside 900 off the heels

Yes, Travis Parker did a backside rodeo 900 off the heels in Lame in 2003, so this isn’t the first but it may be the first with a flat spin.