Top 10 most searched riders of 2013

Top 10 most searched riders of 2013

You search because you want to know. So who were the riders you wanted to know most about in 2013? Here are the pros who got the top searches on, starting at number 10.

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10. Xavier De Le Rue

Xavier’s been bagging mind-bending big mountain lines for years but he’s new to this list. His latest part in Nation could be part of what helped him make the cut.


9. John Jackson

Even after being out for most the season with a torn ACL John J still had enough clout to make the list.

8. Gigi Rüf

Gigi won the Red Bull Ultra Natural this year, closed out Nike’s Never Not Part 1 and landed the cover of our October issue. Of course you search for this boss.

7. Mark McMorris

When you have your own TV show called McMorris & McMorris, mainstream media positions you as the guy to beat Shaun White, and you could rival Bieber as the next Canadian teen heartthrob, it’s easy to see why people might search your name. Did we mention he’s good at snowboarding?

6. Jake Blauvelt

Like Nicolas, Blauvelt does things his own way. After his much anticipated movie, Naturally, dropped it’s little wonder he made the list.

5. Nicolas Müller

Nico started making noise this year by winning the best trick at Ultra Natural on top of a second place finish. Then he rounded out the season with a heavy presence in Nike’s Never Not Part 1 and 2 and plenty of magazine coverage, making him hard to miss. Forward thinking both when he’s strapped in and when it comes to the environment, he’s well on his way to icon status.

4. Shaun White

Shaun’s kept a relatively low profile in snowboarding last winter but now leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, his name is hard to miss. Love him, hate him, say what you will, people always want to see what Shaun is up to.

3. Torstein Horgmo

Torstein has won our Readers’ Choice award for three years in a row now. He’s popular dude. Babes want to be with him, guys want to be him.

2. Halldor Helgason

Hands down, Halldor is one of the most fun dudes to watch ride and be around. Never a dull moment…

1. Travis Rice

Art Of Flight star he may be but Travis still keeps it real. That’s probably why he’s topped this list for the past two years. Enjoy his X Games Real Snow Backcountry part.

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