A full part can make or break you as a snowboarder, and it’s hard to stand out when so many full parts are being released. The ones that do stand out deserve some recognition. In no particular order, here are 2016’s top 10 online full parts, with one bonus part.

Toni Kerkalä’s Full Part from TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Insight Movie.

Elias Elhardt’s Full Part from TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Insight Movie


Manuel Diaz’s Full Part from Absinthe Films’ AfterForever


Frank Bourgeois in Brothers Factory’s 4

Kazu Kokubo in Union’s Stronger
Kimmy Fasani in Absinthe’s AfterForever


Kaleah Driscoll Full Part


Halldor Helgason Full Part From Dayumm!

Mat Schaer Full Part
Dylan Alito Full Part  From TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Insight Movie


Robin Van Gyn in Runway Films’ Full Moon