When going for broke goes wrong…Here are the top 10 Monday Mallets of 2016!

10. Ukrainian Face Smash

All the way from the Ukraine, Sasha Petenko catches his toe edge, falling face first onto the rail. That’s gonna leave a mark.


9. Get Benched

When the city built this park and added a bench perfectly placed between the two down rails, I wonder if they thought they had made a good skate stop. Well maybe they were right, because although it looks enticing for the average street rider, Benny Kaufman and Josh Bosser prove that this bench is a real beast. In this weeks Monday Mallet, Benny and Josh both get hung up on the bench and aggressively tossed to their heads. You win this time city park planner. Video – Zach Rawles.


8. Hot Tubbing With Blake Paul 

We aren't talking about the relaxing apres activity, but instead the act of creating a bomb hole so big in a fresh powdery landing, that it looks as if you have just created a hot tub. In this weeks Monday Mallet, Blake Paul miss judges his speed on this backcountry hip and comes in a little too hot, sending it to the flat bottom and creating an 8 person luxury day spa. Video – Alex Pashley.


7. Hooked In Hokkaido

I always wondered if this bail was even possible. I mean everything has to be so perfect for this to actually happen, like a perfect storm. Fortunately in this weeks Monday Mallet, Justin Vanderpoelen went and showed us that anything is possible. While riding bottomless pow around Hokkaido, Japan, Justin finds a log jam to send it off. Coming in with not enough speed, he falls off early, bounces around a little, and some how, some way the log jam hooks him perfectly, hanging him upside down for everyone to laugh at. Amazing! Video – Baltic Shapes.


6. Anna Gasser’s Double Cork Belly Flop

Anna Gasser rips. She is constantly pushing women's freestyle snowboarding. Unfortunately pushing the sport comes with some serious bails. In this weeks Monday Mallet, Anna sends a double cork a little two slow and comes up short on the second rotation, toes first, right into one of the gnarliest scorpions. At least it was spring slush? Video – Diggles.


5. Straight Into a Wall

Cees Wille takes a little too much speed into this wall ride and slams into the wall. Video – Hans Ahlund & Anton Hjalmarsson.


4. Powder Collision 

Niklas Mattson and Mans Hedberg are shredding some amazing early season pow in Stubai. One goes low with a smooth pow slash, while the other goes high with a nice strait air. Unfortunately in all the fun they loose track of where the other one is and homeboy lands right on top of his friend, making a strong case for the saying "no friends on a pow day." Video – the Swedish Snowboard Team.


3. Brisse Sized Bail

The hashtag #brissespots has 178 photos on instagram as I write this. When you hit the gnarliest features and you go as huge as Dan Brisse, your name gets associated with certain spots many deem to be un-rideable. The negative is that the bigger you go the harder you fall. Dan Brisse gives us a POV of what it is like to go big and fall big, while filming for his part in the new Union Binding Company movie "STRONGER."


2. Bruised Tailbone

In a way, with this Monday Mallet, you’re getting two bails for the price of one. When 11 year old Liam Brearley catches his heel edge on his Frontside 270, he falls backwards catching the rail right on the… well you can see for yourself. But it’s not over! After that he falls to the ground backwards delivering the knock out punch. Video – Josh MacDonald.


1. Jason Dubois’ Epic Bail

Coming in at number one may just be one of the gnarliest bails we have ever seen. Jason Dubois just about hits every part of his body while sliding head first down the cheese grater stairs to an eventual on stair scorpion. Don't say we didn't warn you. Video – Brothers Factory.