Too Hard Kickstarter

Too Hard Fallen Angels Kickstarter Campaign

The girls from Too Hard need a little help producing their new movie. We’ve heard of people doing all kinds of things to raise money for snowboarding; washing dishes, mowing lawns, working at bars and retail stores, we’ve even had friends sell their cars and favorite possessions for the shred. This is the first time we’ve seen a crowd funding website put to use to help with snowboarding expenses, way to get creative ladies.

They’ve already raised a few grand, and they made this funny little commercial for their cause. Here’s some of what they have to say on their Kickstarter page.

Too hard is not about girly girls or lipstick or pretty faces it is the raw, unabridged version we are not separating ourselves from the boys we want to grow along side them. 


We truly believe in producing women’s snowboard movies and need your help. Too Hard began when founder, Danyale Patterson, saw the need for women’s snowboarding to be represented. With bootstrap financing she bought a camera and had people film her pushing the level of female street snowboarding. From there Too Hard was created, along with almost twenty other up and coming female snowboarders they have poured their hearts, souls, money, time & energy into building a production company that allows them to have a creative outlet that promotes women to challenge themselves in action sports. With money out of our pockets along with greatious support from our sponsors we have made movies for the past few years. We do not want too hard to fade away. we want our fourth movie to be strong and we are looking to you to support the film. we are empowering you to bring this project and movement to life.

We are not trying to make a hollywood budget movie but to highlight the talent of the athletes and tell the story of women’s snowboarding.

The number of resources that can be dedicated to this project is directly correlated to the amount of money we are able to raise. Making a film is an expensive undertaking and attracting the talent of those who can best tell this story costly. As much as we wish it wasn’t so, the more money we raise, the better this film will be.

There are 9 days to go to help these snow bunnies meet their five grand goal. It’s not all for them though, pledging comes with rewards for example if you pledge $420 or more to the cause, and you’re a girl, you get the opportunity to spend the season riding with and filming for too hard. And they will guarantee you a 30 second cameo in the movie. Oh and did we mention the slams in this teaser are epic?

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