Interview with Danyale Patterson and Madison Blackley About Filming with Vice

Too Hard Crew

The Too Hard Crew is a group of badass lady shredders that are oft shamed for their predilection for partying, in-your-face attitudes and unique style of snowboarding. Seemingly simply because they are girls they eschew “mainstream” snowboarding and opt to ride urban over resorts.

This winter, Lukas Huffman, former-pro-snowboarder-turned-filmmaker, approached the crew to film a series for Vice. The goal was to highlight the girls in all their glory and expose their raw dedication to snowboarding.

Too Hard Crew

"They are outsiders within the snowboard industry, which reminded me of how snowboarding was in relation to mainstream culture when I first started in the early-90s," Huffman said in an interview about his interest in creating the series.

"In my opinion, the Too Hard Crew is the most punk thing happening in snowboarding right now, and I wanted to learn more about it," Huffman continued.

Following the series, a quite a bit of hate was spewed on comment boards, so we chatted with Danyale Patterson, founder of the crew, and Madison Blackley, to get their take on that, and what it was like to film with Vice.  Read on for their interviews and watch the three parts series: Lady Shredders – The Most Badass Women in Snowboarding

Lady Shredders – The Most Badass Women in Snowboarding (Part 1)

When did you start the Too Hard Crew?
I always liked editing and snowboarding, so I wanted to make a snowboard movie, and one thing led to another. – Danayle

How long have you been apart of the Too Hard Crew?
I've been a part of the Too Hard Crew since before it even started four  years ago. That first year filming, Dangy (Danyale) lived with me and Peep Show ended, so it seemed like the next step-— Madison

What was the overall experience of filming the Vice Series?
It was so gravy baby. Like most film trips, we didn't really know what to expect. There wasn't much snow in the States at the time so I originally wanted to go to Quebec. But Mads is a BAMF [Bad Ass Mother F] criminal and can't go there. So I was like uh, let's go to MN, they usually have something. But they didn't have any snow. Luckily, Kayli Hendricks lives in Wisconsin and was like 'Yo! Come thru! We got a lil sum'n sum'n.' So we sent it to her zone and filmed and rode Troll [Trollhagen]. Dream come truuuuuu. It was also only a week of filming.- Danyale

Lady Shredders – The Most Badass Women in Snowboarding (Part 2)

Do you think the Vice Series was an accurate portrayal of the crew?
I think it was the best portrayal they could have done with the small time we had. We only had six days and about three inches of snow to get stuff done. Most of us don't really party, especially on film trips, so it was definitely limited to interview and action. It's hard to portray a whole crew as one when a lot of time we break off into smaller crews and have a lot of contributing girls from all over the world. – Madison

Danyale, do you think it was a good depiction of the crew?
Not completely. I am usually not hurt, and it didn't show how much fun we have. But it was still solid, just didn't show everything – Danyale

Lady Shredders – The Most Badass Women in Snowboarding (Part 3)

Do you think the series helped, or hindered your season; why?
It probably helped and hurt my season. We struggled with snow out there and had to make it work because that was our only shot at the series. The snowboarding could have been better but everybody trying to film was struggling if they weren't on the East Coast. VICE is a pretty big deal, and everybody loves their videos regardless of what they're about, so I'm just really honored to have been a part of that.- Madison

There was a little bit of backlash in comments following the series. What do you think about that?
A little bit is an understatement. It's pretty fucked up what people were saying, I didn't seek out Vice or try to portray myself in a way that was to be better then every other girl. I can't believe the things that come out of peoples mouths and how little support there is for this kind of snowboarding, especially women. I've learned that I hate most people from this. Snowboarding is all I've ever known and it's crazy to think that what makes me happy is wrong and shouldn't even be attempted, even if its false hope.- Madison

Closing words?
Women's snowboarding needs to support women's snowboarding, and good luck to all the haters, I hope it gets you far.- Madison

Jah bless.— Danyale

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