Tom Sims Mazda Commercial

Yes this is a commercial, but it’s celebrating one of the true Pioneers of snowboarding, so pretty sick to see historical snowboarding being showcased across mass media and to millions of people.

Here is the 30 second TV commercial that has been playing during the NBA playoffs, it promotes a message of 'uncompromising creativity' and features Tom Sims as a Pioneer of snowboarding!

Learn more about Tim Sims’ life Here


Tom Sims



From Mazda:

Uncompromising creativity. It’s what inspired a young Tom Sims to combine his love of skateboarding with his love of skiing to create the snowboard—and change sports forever. And it’s what’s behind the unconventional Mazda CX-5. Breakthrough SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY melds agile handling with impressive highway mileage, giving you a confident and fuel-efficient SUV. All-weather capability, a roomy interior and available advanced features make it the total package. This is the crossover without compromise. This is the 2014 Mazda CX-5. What do you drive?