Carlino gets the lowdown from the man behind the tastiest weiner in Government Camp—Cory “Not Corey Grove. Watch the video!

So what’s new since we last caught up with you, any new improvements?

Well, Joe, in fact yes. For starters, a new trailer, AC, and four sinks. It’s pretty bad ass to say the least. All that and a way bigger menu this time around.

What’s new on the menu this time around?

Oh man, it’s insane. Well, we have the Kosher Kass—Kosher at the request of none other than Danny Kass. I think he’s Jewish now. And we have a huge German bratwurst and the Hot Snake.

Wait, what’s a Hot Snake? Sounds like something you get after being with a sketchy girl.

{Laughter} Well that too. But in fact this will get you non-sketchy chicks if they see you owning up to one of these. I wanted something to test people and the cobra sauce wasn’t enough. Then I found these bad boys. The Hot Snake is the spiciest sausage in town. Not for sissy’s.

Is everyone over the Cobra Sauce or has it gone world famous yet?

Well, our good friend Evan at TWS said something that made sense. He called it “Almost world famous cobra sauce.” That’s pretty much it, it’s famous and I can’t make enough, but I’m pretty sure they’re not eating it in Guam or anything.

How about any new locations or taking your show on the road?

Yeah dude, we took it on the road this winter and killed it. It started at the Holy Oly in Washington that Lib Tech puts on. We had a shanty set up on hill, but after that I bought a rad New York style cart for going on hill. Grenade Games was amazing as well. Stoned people are good for business, if you’re in the food business that is. And there is talk of new locations soon.

Do you want to reveal any future plans before kids watch the video?

Well, the Danny Kass session is going to be off the hook—all based on dogs. There’s going to be a weenie-eating contest with a special guest from Jackass. Oh, and the $50 dollar hot dog sometime soon. Yep, I will keep a real pig in the back and cook to order on the spot. Just playin’, I love pigs.

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