Throwback Thursday: Xavier De Le Rue

Xavier De Le Rue has been the gnarliest snowboarder on the planet for quite some time. He’s been to Antarctica twice, he’s been the world freeride champion, scored the cover of our Photo Annual the past two years in a row, and has filmed a handful of video parts. This Throwback Thursday is just a taste of what he’s done, a little amuse bouche of his snowboard career.

1. This is My Winter

This is My Winter

This video shows exactly what it’s like for Xavier De Le Rue when he’s going out and filming his video parts. Needless to say it’s a little different than how most people film their video parts…

2. Standard Films 2112

Standard Films 2112

Xavier’s part in Standard‘s 2112 is one of his standout parts. The lines are insane, the snow is deep, and his brother, Victor De Le Rue makes an appearance. This part is a must see.

3. Xavier’s winning run at Freeride De Chamonix

Chamonix is gnarly. The type of riding that Xavier does is so technical that sometimes it looks easy. Well looks can be deceiving because this line is insane and it gave Xavier the big W.


Xavier De Le Rue. PHOTO: Tero Repo.

A Time Machine awaits…