Throwback Thursday: Lucas Debari

This past winter Lucas Debari spearheaded a new video project called Go! Boardin. He rounded out his friends, dumped and kitted a sick Subaru, and hit the road looking for powder. It’s dropping this Friday on TWSNOW.COM. Since Go! Boardin is dropping, we thought we might as well look back at some of the awesome accomplishments that Lucas has been able to achieve his career.

1. TransWorld SNOWboarding’s These Days part

TransWorld SNOWboarding’s These Days part

Lucas Debai came out swinging during the season of These Days. Before this part came out he was on the contest circuit. But that’s no place for a kid from Mt. Baker…

This isn’t the These Days part, but it is footage from that season.

Lucas Debari. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen.

2. Rome’s The Shred Remain

Rome’s The Shred Remain

This part from Rome Snowboard’s video The Shred Remains really solidified Lucas as one of the best natural freestyle snowboarders on the planet. This part is the real deal!

3. The Cover of TransWorld SNOWboarding

The Cover of TransWorld SNOWboarding

We don’t want to sound like we’re tooting our own horn too hard, but making the cover of our magazine is a big fu@king deal. Lucas’s sick pillow bonk thing graced the cover of our February 2012 issue.

4. Winning the Baker Banked Slalom

Winning the Baker Banked Slalom

The Baker Banked Slalom might be the most prestigious title in snowboarding, and Lucas won it when he was still a teenager.

5. Riding in Antarctica

Riding in Antarctica

Not many people can say that they’ve been snowboarding in Antarctica. Well Lucas can…

Lucas Debari. PHOTO: Tero Repo.