Throwback Thursday: Heikki Sorsa

Damn, Heikki Sorsa has done a lot of shit in snowboarding. He’s been in the Olympics, he’s filmed a lot of video parts, hell he even held the world record for highest air on a quarter-pipe for a while. Well his new full part is dropping next Monday, August 26 , so we figured now is a perfect time to catch up with Heikki and also to show some of his classic parts, along with his 2002 Olympic run. You know, the run he did with a mo-hawk…

You’ve filmed a lot of video parts. How do you keep up the motivation to keep producing year after year?

Yeah I guess i have… haha! Oh i just love filming! It’s so good to see yourself getting new tricks every year, and you can always do different and better things every year! It´s like painting a house, you see the result really well after you´re done!
How was this year filming different than others? Because as an outsider it definitely looked like this year was different

It was way different for sure! We had a little different crew with new filmers and Lauri in the crew! (love the crew). I had a really bad knee injury the season before so it was really hard to come back and trust my knee in the beginning. We we’re trying to film a good webisode series so it wasn’t just urban/backcounrty style filming. We wanted to shoot everything.
You’ve gone through a lot of phases in your snowboarding. Do you think the transition from contest guy, to video part guy is a natural path of a professional snowboarder? Do you ever miss doing contests?

At least for me it was really that path! I wanted to do competitions when i was young and my dream was to start filming. I’m so lucky that I’m still here doing what I love. I really, really liked doing competitions so I do think back and try to remember all them, but I’m really happy with filming, and that’s really what i want to do now.

  Do you ever get out in the halfpipe anymore?

I do! But just for fun, and only super easy tricks though! haha! Can´t really be on that crazy level of halfpipe riding anymore! Plus the pipes are way bigger nowadays! haha! Respect for all the pipe riders.
Do you ever think about cutting a mo-hawk again?

I knew you were going to ask something about that! My wife just cut my hair couple months back, and I can almost rock a mo-hawk on this new hairstyle so maybe i should!? Nah, maybe save it for later…


Heikki Sorsa. PHOTO: Ashley Barker.


Want to see some classic parts? Well head over to the next page!

1. Follow Me Around

This part from Mack Dawg‘s Follow Me Around is awesome. That opening hip? Come on that thing rules!  This part is  just classic Heikki. It’s pure all around snowboarding. It’s snowboarding like this that’s kept Heikki in the game for so long.

2. Picture This

This part from Mack Dawg’s Picture This has everything. It has serious park jumping, heavy street rails, and killer backcountry footage. Nowadays it’s pretty damn hard to find dudes who shreds it all in their parts. Also, Aaron Bittner has some awesome stuff in the part. And if you watch the whole clip there’s some JP Walker and Jeremy Jones stuff.

3. The 2002 Olympics

Heikki rode in the halfpipe contest in the 2002 Olympics at Park City for Finland. He also did it with a mo-hawk. That’s bad ass. He ended up in 7th place. Not too shabby for a dude who doesn’t ride pipe anymore…



Heikki Sorsa. PHOTO: Ashley Barker.

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