Throwback Thursday: Eero Ettala

There aren’t too many dudes who have been able to put out hammer part after hammer, year after year, but Eero Ettala is one of those dudes. From hitting gnarly wooden rails, to huge urban gaps, to big pow jumps, Eero’s done it all, he’s even won a gold in the X Games. His new Cooking With Gas Full Part is dropping on Tuesday, September 3rd, and we just know it’s going to be another part to add to the Eero collection. We hit Eero up to see how he’s been able to do it for so long, and what he has in store for the future. We also collected a few of our favorite Eero parts. Take a look.


Eero Ettala. PHOTO: Andy Wright

You’ve filmed a lot of video parts. How do you keep up the motivation to keep producing year after year?

After every winter I already feel kind of fed up with the footage that I got during the season, and think to myself that next year I’ll get better footage. So I guess that drives me to try harder and film another video part. Motivation comes from trying to one up myself.

How was this year filming different than others? Because as an outsider it definitely looked like this year was different.

This season we weren’t really concerned too much about getting the most banger full parts. It was more about filming six different type of webisodes, and in the end collecting all the best footage out of them and editing a full part for each rider. But I think this way you actually end up producing way more footage. I actually have a lot of leftover footage from my upcoming full part, so I think I might edit a little B roll part too.

What’s in store for next season’s series?

We haven’t really decided yet, but hopefully keep on doing stuff with the same crew as this year. We might want to change our webisode format a little bit though.

How was it this year adding Lauri to the crew?

It was sick! He’s a really good friend of Heikki and I, and he brings the good vibes to the sessions. Also having a third fully committed rider on the program kind of made Heikki and I stress a bit less, cause we knew we were getting more footage for the webisodes having Lauri around.

What have you been up to this summer?

Just been skating a bunch and hanging back in Finland. Getting my batteries charged for another great season I hope!

What has been your favorite part that you’ve film

Hmm…I think the part in MDP´s Follow me around. I was happy how that edit turned out, and I feel like after that part came out I also started getting more recognition in the industry.


1. Picture This

This part came out a few years ago, but it would still hold up to a lot of the video parts coming out today.

2. Follow Me Around

The wooden rails that Eero hits in Follow me Around are insane. Hardway 270’s onto wooden rails are not to be taken lightly… This is the part that Eero said was his favorite part so far.

White Balance

Have you ever seen the Standard Films move White Balance? Well if you haven’t you should check it out. If you have you’ll remember just how awesome this part was.

Lost in Transition

This part is of the 2004-2005 season. That was almost 10 years ago…

X Games Slopestyle Run

Eero won the X Games in 2010. That wasn’t that long ago. Get ready for Eero’s new Full Part that’s dropping Tuesday, September 3rd. It’s going to kick ass.