Throwback Thursday: Dan Brisse

Dan Brisse is a beast of a snowboarder, and he has been for a really, really long time. No too many dudes can go season after season, sending it on the type of features that Dan sends on the daily. This week is his Nation Rider Week. Have you watched his Nation part yet? It’s so sick. Take a look at it HERE, and then watch some of our favorite, classic, Brisse parts.

1. Bald E-Gal‘s Keepin’ It Classy

Bald E-Gal‘s Keepin’ It Classy

Dan Brisse started out filming with the Midwest crew Bald E-Gal. This part, from their movie Keepin’ It Classy is a classic.

2. Absinthe’s NowHere

Absinthe’s NowHere

This part is classic Dan Brisse. The snowboarding that Dan does in NowHere is the type of snowboarding that we’re talking about when we say he’s powerful, and that he’s a beast. He jumps off roofs, hits the biggest rails, and just all out slays it in this part.

3. Capita’s Defenders of Awesome

Capita’s Defenders of Awesome

This is our favorite Dan Brisse part ( Well besides Nation of course). Have you seen it? Are you down?


Dan Brisse. PHOTO: Andy Wright.