Throwback Thursday: Austen Sweetin

While Austen Sweetin hasn’t been around for too, too long, the stuff that he’s put out has been pretty on point. From his parts in past Forum videos (RIP) to being apart of the Special Blend Team Shoot Out team, he’s put out some pretty banger parts. This small sampling that we’ve put together for you today are just a few of our favorites.

1. Forum’s F*ck It

Forum’s F*ck It

This is the part that put Austen on the map. F*ck It was Austen’s first major part, and while it might be a split part, his stuff was pretty damn strong.

2.Forum’s Vacation

Forum’s Vacation

Austen’s part in Vacation is awesome. This is the part that showed that Austen’s not going anywhere. When Vacation came out people were starting to fall under the spell of the niche snowboarder, but Austen broke through and showed that he’s down to ride it all, and he’s good at riding it all.

3. Forum’s #FORUM

Forum’s #FORUM

The final Forum video. These guys had no idea that Forum was going to stop being a brand when they were filming this video. It came as a surprise to everyone. But it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone that quickly after the band broke up, Austen had new sponsors and was back ripping. You know what they say, the cream rises to the top…

4. Special Blend Team Shoot Out

Special Blend Team Shoot Out

If Austen wasn’t on this Team Shoot Out team the Special Blend dudes would have been hurting. We’re not saying he was the only one ripping, everyone was. But his ripping was pretty key to making this awesome edit.


Austen Sweetin. PHOTO: Ian Ruhter.