The Future Of Yesterday premiere tour is in full swing and we thought it'd be the right time to reflect on how far our favorite European party boarders have come. Well, not much has really changed… they started out with banger parts and they still have banger parts. They're having as much fun as ever, and the camaraderie is as alive as it's ever been.

From the minds behind Sexual Snowboarding and BYND x MDLS, an assimilation of compatible ideologies and a collective propensity for raising hell naturally brought together The Cozy Bois of Tomorrow, a crew of snowboarders who exemplify why snowboarding was ever cool in the first place. Justifiable disobedience in the name of fun. They snowboard for themselves. They teamed up to bring us The Future of Yesterday, a movie that will get anyone stoked for snowboarding. Catch it at a Cold Front Tour premiere stop around the country or find it here on, but first, do yourself a favor and take a look at where it all began with some standout parts and videos from the crew.

BYND x MDLS episode 1

Eiki Helgason’s full part from Nation

Halldor Helgason’s full part from Never Not

BYND x MDLS Vacation Forever

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