Pow Laps and BMX Gaps: Thredisodes 2016 Episode 1

Our favorites Aussies have been having a heck of a season at Thredbo Resort in Australia. From epic pow days and park sessions, to hanging out and vibing with friends, they've done a little bit of it all. In their latest edit, the crew builds a BMX-style double jump and a heavy session ensues. Watch what transpired in the edit above, and let us know what trick combo you would have tried in the comments.

Riders: James Singleton, Greg Murray, Tim Nelson, Mat Galina, Jeremy Burns, Billy Hayman, Jack Watt, Troy Sturrock, Jye Kearney, Andy James,

Camera Operators: Jeremy Richardson, James Singelton, Greg Murray

Produced by: Jeremy Richardson, Greg Murray

Edited by: Jeremy Richardson

Music: 'Sunset Silhouette' by Unicorn on the Cob.

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