ThirtyTwo Day 2016 at Brighton Resort

ThirtyTwo Day 2016 at Brighton Resort

For so many reasons, ThirtyTwo Day stands out among grassroots contests. Not only is it three events in one, it's also a full day of stoke and shred at Utah's beloved Brighton Resort. Out of the gate, they start with a rampant banked slalom where time trials separate the men from boys. Then a battle of hammers across two rails staged in front of a highly qualified panel of judges including JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush and Christian Hobush. The best overall riders were crowned by combining the rider’s place in the Banked Slalom with their place in the Rail Jam.

Overall Winners
Men – Ezra Racine
Women – Madison Blackely

Rail Jam Results
1. Ezra Racine
2. Alex Lockwood
3. Chicken Bone & Everest Arnold

1. Madison Blackely
2. Hailee Mattingly
3. Jade Thurgood

Banked Slalom Results
1. Bjorn Leines – 32.01
2. Scott Stevens – 32.81
3. Ezra Racine – 32.99

1. Helen Wilde – 35.03
2. Mariah Dugan – 35.32
3. Kelly Underwood – 36.99

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