Snowboarding in Gulmarg, India

Did you know you could ride your snowboard in India? We did and we went there. Featuring Steve Fisher, Chad Otterstrom, Ryan Thompson, and James Frederick.

Check the Full Story from the trip to India HERE

p><i>These Days</i> is <i>Transworld SNOWboarding’s</i> first feature film offering, and will hit the shelves in September 2008. <i>These Days</i> will showcase the snowboarding of Chad Otterstrom, Dustin Craven, Jonas Michilot, Jonas Carlson, Lucas Debari, Louif Paradis, Nick Dirks, Robbie Walker, and Tim Eddy.<p>There’s more to the movie than a two minute video part at the end of the year. See what it takes to get the shot and follow the making of <i>These Days</i> on We’ll have real time video updates from the crew while they’re out there making it happen.