Then, Again – The Top 2015 Highlights From Adidas Snowboarding

From Adidas:

In 1924, adidas embarked on a mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment. Since then, snowboarding became a thing, but our mission remains the same. Our athletes are the heart and soul of everything that we do here at adidas. With "Rider of The Year", and "Video Part of The Year" nominations, this past season was a big one for our Snowboarding team. So let's celebrate that together, even if it is just on the Internet. Here's a highlight reel of sorts, featuring a handful of the most memorable moments caught on film--er, memory cards.

Featuring: Kazuhiro Kokubo, Louif Paradis, Jake Blauvelt, Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, Tommy Gesme, Derrek Lever, and Alex Sherman.