The Best Looking Snowboard Tricks from this Past Year

Is style subjective? Largely, yes. Narrowing down the best-looking tricks executed over the course of a year is an impossible task. There’s no way to assert with certainty that ten tricks looked better than millions of others. But for the most part we, as snowboarders, can agree on what looks good and what doesn’t. The following is a compilation of unquestionably good-looking snowboarding from inarguably good snowboarders.

Victor Daviet: Backside 180 Japan in Insight

How do you make almost anything look better? Grab Japan. Easier said than done, however. Managing to get your front hand on your front edge while wrapping your arm around your leg and making it look good is a feat. Daviet demonstrates it well.

Curtis Ciszek: Frontside 360 in Energy

The frontside 360 is an inherently stylish trick. That’s not to say it can’t be fucked up. It can. But you can usually spin slow and stall it out, and you get to land regular, which is nice. This one put down in Alaska by Ciszek from the Drink Water movie is one of the best we’ve seen in a while, and with The Boss blasting in the background!

Kazu Kokubo: Backside 900 tail grab in STRONGER.

Just about anything Kazu does could’ve made it on this list, but with every added degree of rotation the ability to make the trick look good becomes more difficult, and this 900 in Kokubo’s Video Part of the Year-winning segment is downright beautiful.

Kevin Backstrom: Frontside 360 in Vacation Forever

Kevin Backstrom is a modern-day master of making snowboarding look good, and this unconventional iteration of a frontside 360 from the stylish Swede in the BYND x MDLS movie is a perfect demonstration of amplitude, difficulty, and style. 10/10.

Max Buri: Cork backside 720 Japan in /fterForever

Max Buri has been blowing the minds of those paying attention for a few seasons now. The young Swiss boarder has the capacity to absolutely launch, giving him ample time to spin slow and hold his grabs. It’s easy to confuse this seven for a three on first watch.

Christian Haller: Switch backside 540 in Glue

From the same guy who brought you the world’s largest air, comes this flawless switch spin off a natural feature in one of the most original snowboard movies to come out in a while. Christian is pushing snowboarding in multiple directions, and it’s fun to watch.

Josh Dirksen: Heelside turn in Insight

Is turning a trick? Many would argue it’s the first trick you learn. But we’re not really interested in definitions; this heelside arc from the best to ever execute snowboarding’s most rudimentary maneuver is a textbook example of style and what we can all aspire to look like as we set an edge.

Max Zebe: Frontside lipslide into late frontside 180 in the Method Movie

Style isn’t limited to the time you spend on a feature. It’s exhibited in the approach and the landing as well, and this is one of the sickest landings we’ve ever seen.

Sebbe De Buck: Backside 180 tailgrab in Vacation Forever

Call it an air-to-fakie or a backside 180 tailgrab, but this blaster from Sebbe at Nine Knights is one for the books. With his hand firmly on the tail, Sebbe soars stories in air and makes it look effortless.

Ben Bilodeau: Noseslide, blunt tap, 270 out in 3:00AM

It’s often the quiet ones who are way ahead of the game. Ben Bilodeau is on another level, and people are just now starting to figure it out. This stylish interpretation of a noseslide same-way is perfect.

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