The Best Snowboard Tricks from this Past Year

The top tier of snowboarding ratchets higher each year and during the one past, enough went down to put 100 entries on this list. To say something is the best or the most progressive is a bold statement, with no definitive form of verification. So how does a trick end up in this group of ten? These are the ones you rewind, the ones you talk about at happy hour, and most importantly the ones that will push snowboarding in new directions.

Torstein Horgmo: Backside 50-50 to wallride in STRONGER.

We’ve seen a number of wallride to rail variations since Louif Paradis essentially pioneered the concept five years ago. The reverse—rail to wallride—is a less seen alternative that may begin to pop up more often. Boody did a good one this past season too.

Jesse Paul: frontside 50-50 on a creeper to backside boardslide on a double kink in Reckless Abandon

Rail-to-rail transfers are gaining in popularity, showing up in an increasing number of video parts. Typically, however, we see transfers made to a parallel rail, usually without a series of kinks. This one from Jesse Paul is a little different.

Robin Van Gyn: Cab 540 with natural takeoff in Full Moon Film

Robin Van Gyn's Video Part of the Year-winning segment from Full Moon Film created a new highmark for female backcountry riding, and this cab 5 is a great example of why.

Kai Ujejski: Frontside 50-50 on chainlink to thread-the-needle in the FootyFIEND movie

There’s a lot of factors going against the young Canadian Kai Ujejski on this one. First, he’s got to pop over a fence to even get to the lip. Next, he has to contend with a series of fasteners on this curved rail, spaced out every foot or so. On top of that, the rail is bowed and sagging precisely at the point where he has to ollie to his right over a chainlink closeout.

Scott Stevens: Switch Natas spin 540 into frontside boardslide in STRONGER.

For more than a decade now, Scott Stevens has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a snowboard, not always through going bigger, but by looking at spots through a different lens. Where some may have seen a snowed-in down-flat-down not worthy of filming, Stevens saw the opportunity for a clever line which ended up a standout clip in the Riders’ Poll Video of the Year winning STRONGER.

Ted Borland: Backside lipslide through a knobbed rail in The Weather Outside is Weather

Many forms of stoppers have been fashioned onto rails and designed into architecture with the purpose of stopping primarily skateboarding, but also snowboarding. But just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score, and Ted Borland scored plenty this past season. This back lip is a highlight worth rewatching.

Sebbe De Buck: Switch backside 540 tail grab to method in Vacation Forever

A good indicator of a trick's progressive factor is a lack of an obvious name. Switch back 5 tail grab to method is our best attempt at a title for this mindbender from Sebbe De Buck in BYND x MDLS’ Vacation Forever. The guy is an aerial contortionist.

Dylan Alito: Butter 270 over the top to switch front board to fakie in Insight

A frontside 270 is a reasonably hard trick onto a down rail. Bring it back to fakie? Harder. Butter into it? Harder yet. Butter over the top of the rail? This is one we’ve yet to see anyone aside from Alito try.

Christian Haller: World record air at Nine Knights

Christian Haller is adept in the creative, nuanced aspects of snowboarding but isn't afraid to hit send when the time is right. This record-breaking air is a case of the latter. Goddamn.

Bode Merrill: One-footed double backflip in Reckless Abandon

There are a few riders who seem equally comfortable with two or four straps ratcheted: Jesse Burtner, Scott Stevens, and Bode Merrill. This, though, may be the flat out gnarliest thing that's ever been done with back hoof breathin'.

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