The Story of Mt Ritter

John and Eric Jackson Summit Mt Ritter Last Spring for Jax Union

The act of seeking Spring lines in the higher elevations of the mountains has long been a tried and true test of a snowboarder’s commitment to the lifestyle. Last season was no exception when John and Eric Jackson decided to summit Mt. Ritter in the Eastern Sierras near their home in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Photography: Chris Wellhausen

However, this time there was another element to the adventure. Through their jewelry company, Jax Union, the Jacksons had just made the first ring in their Mountain Signature Series: a collection dedicated to the mountains that have inspired them throughout their lives. With the coordinates of the peak’s summit engraved on the top and the name “Ritter” engraved on the interior, this first ring was their motivation to climb the 13,000 foot peak. Their idea, once at the top, was to leave the ring in the log box as a secondary reward, in order to further inspire others to climb the mountain. If it was still there they encouraged its finder to keep it as a pretty awesome souvenir of the journey.  A 24 mile round trip hike into Adiza Lake with 60 lb packs, ice-filled couloir to ride, a 3,000 foot snowy accent, a sunset at the peak, and a nighttime mission back down the mountain completed the adventure and Mt. Ritter did not disappoint. 

John and Eric Jackson on Mt Ritter |