The Shaun White Interview Part 1

Hailed as the most recognisable action sports figure in history – Shaun White walks a pathway paved with gold. His record breaking X-Games medal count, his back-to-back Olympic gold medals and now his skateboarding success means he garners a cult following with kids from Asia to North America to Scandinavia.

His gold medal winning performance at the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games in February set a new TV ratings record for the USA’s NBC TV Network – breaking a decade-long dominance by American Idol – and as a result corporate America is falling over itself to associate with the Flying Tomato and Shaun’s life has become a Hollywood dream.

So now at just 24 and with an annual income rumoured to be over US$10 million a year, what Shaun thinks and his ideas of the future of action sports are weighted as heavy as his bank account.

In this 2-part interview Shaun sat down with us to reveal some of what it’s like to be in his shoes and his thoughts on a range of topics affecting snowboarding, skateboarding and action sports.