Rip Curl presents The Search Teaser

Words: Rip Curl

Whether it’s from the top of an Alaskan mountain or the top of the chairlift at your local resort, we all take the time to gaze at our surroundings.  That special moment allows us to imagine all the possible lines, to realize how  lucky we are and fuel the stoke before dropping in. Going down a line once imagined is the celebration of a dream coming to life and we revel in that backcountry feeling.

The Search — Revel is a backcountry film by PVS company starring Victor De Le Rue, Sam Favret, Nils Arvidsson, Emilien Badoux, Nate Johnstone, Jessy Cornu, Marion Haerty, Olya Smeshlivaya, Jayce Robinson, Dedi Gun.

Rip-Curl-2015-The Search

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