In episode 3 we’re with Brandon mid season. The snow is starting to pile up and the resorts terrain parks are looking polished. Brandon shows us what to do when the crowds are in town for the Holidays, we go with him and his friends to a night rail session and then to the parks for some quality time in the air. Brandon explains why Tahoe is such a great place to live, “Truckee is a great location because you are in the epicenter of it all… you can drive 5-10 minutes in any direction and hit a resort and all these resorts have sick parks.”  This episode is packed with rider cameo’s of today’s top riders as well as Brandon’s friends and Tahoe locs’. Look for locals like Taylor Carlton, Brett Davis, Alex Horgan and Zak Shelhamer as well as superstatus’s like Torstein Horgmo and Kazuhiro Kokubo. Big thanks to Devin at Hover Effect for running the remote heli and getting all of Aux Channel’s aerial footy!