The Lost Footage – Area-241 Day 1

During the filming of Respect Your Elders, Mikey Basich invited the crew of Ben Lynch, Brandon Cocard, Tim Eddy and director of photography Kyle Norman Schwartz out to Area-241. Here’s what Kyle had to say upon arrival,

“When we showed up to his castle, he told us that he had already pushed a back country jump for us with his snow cat. What a guy! That’s what I call hospitality! So we had a fun session on the jump, but Tim ended up hurting his knee because he is a beast and sent it way to hard on a cab fiver and ran into a bush. So Tim peaced out and in the mean time Mike pushed up a small tree stall with his snow cat and we sessioned it once Brandon got back from dropping Tim off. Besides Tim getting hurt it was a really awesome start to our time spent at Area-241. Thanks MIKEY B!”

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