Instagram clips are great for a quick preview, but this full video is really what you need. Words can’t really do it justice. Get the full experience and see what went down last week in New Hampshire at The Loon Project.

Featuring:  Scott Stevens, Johnny O'Connor, Mike Rav, Griffin Siebert, Jesse Paul, Sean Genovese, Ian Hart, Jesse Gouveia, Brendon Rego, Fredrik Perry, Ian Boll, Max Lyons, Ted Borland, Parker Szumowski, Max Warbington, Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, Gus Warbington, Marcus Rand, Brian Skorupski, Zach Normandin, Phil Jacques, and more.

Film / Edit: Jon Stark

Thanks to Loon Mountain, Snowboy Productions, Coal, Capita,, and Crab Grab.

The Loon Project | TWSNOW

Ted Borland. Photo: Cole Martin