Taking it to the Streets : Urban Snowmobiling | Levi LaVallee

Urban Snowmobiling | Levi LaVallee

Holy ish, taking it to the streets has a whole new meaning. First we brought you Kael Hill's No Snow Extreme Boardkour edit filled with new school street shredding, now we're hitting you the first-ever urban snowmobiling edit. Levi LaVallee had a vision to rip a part the streets of his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota with his Polaris sled, and thanks to a strong vision, (and backing by Red Bull) LaVallee made it happen. In this all-urban edit, LaVallee braps through the grey city and lays waste to the concrete jungle. Now, if we could just get LaVallee to use those skills to double riders into otherwise inaccessible lines or even jibs, we may be on to something…

Words: Red Bull 

Some people see the world as a playground, where anything and everything can and will be a shreddable obstacle. As a kid growing up in Minnesota, Levi LaVallee looked at his state's capital Saint Paul like a ripe fruit, begging to be plucked…and ripped to shreds on his snowmobile. A land of opportunity that only he could see, it was his mission to take that city over on his trusty sled. Now, he’s done it.

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