The Fourth Phase With Travis Rice | Day 723 On Location

Inside Day 723 of Filming The Fourth Phase

The Fourth Phase, one of the most anticipated films in snowboard history, is closing in on its last winter of production and just crested day 723 of filming in the field. In this new edit from Red Bull Media House, Travis Rice talks about the journeys he and the crew have ventured on to get to this point and recount the insane features they've built along the way.

"It's definitely been an epic adventure to say the least," said Rice of his involvement in That's It, That's All, Art of Flight, and now The Fourth Phase.

Most of the footage from this mega-budget production has been kept pretty tight, and this new edit teases us and leaves us wide-eyed and desiring more.

The Fourth Phase officially drops on October 2, 2016. Stay tuned to TWSNOW for more from this film soon.


Photo: Zimmerman

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