The Crap Show 2016 #3 :  Adidas and Videograss

Oh snap, here’s the latest Crap Show with members of the Adidas and Videograss crew. Alex Tank gives us the scoop on what to expect in this edit. 

“The moment when you’re trying to film in the allegedly cold streets of Helsinki for the new Adidas/Videograss project and you accidentally end up in Europe’s best resort called, Laax. Well more or less accidentally. After four days of excessive rain in snowboarding’s street-mecca of Helsinki, we decided to pull the plug and give the homies in Laax a call. They promised us sun, warm temperatures and a perfect slushy park. You know it’s go-time when the shapers themselves drag you to come out to Laax. Best part, they weren’t fooling around! Three days of sun after a week of rain. Oh, how the odds can turn. Thank you, everybody at Laax!"

Check it all out above.

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