Hitting the road and exploring new adventures is an integral part of our lifestyle. Seeking out the new and the unknown is essential to growth on both a personal level and as a community. Without it, we would be condemning ourselves to more of the same–to a world bleak with repetition.

Austen Sweetin is all too familiar with this reality. For years, he has dedicated his life during the colder months to extended explorations into the wild and untamed. As a man who is also proficient on boards without bindings, it only made sense for him to try and duplicate the same type of adventure earlier this summer.

With a camper packed full of blank skateboards courtesy of evo, cameras, tents, and other essential road-tripping supplies, Austen set off on a “skateboard rodeo through Montana” accompanied by Max Tokunaga, Chris Cloud, Richie Conklin, and Sean Lucey. For eight days–the crew consisting of faces we are more familiar seeing with snowboards–set off to explore what the great state of Montana had to offer in the way of skateparks. Fifteen skateparks, countless cowboy boots, and at least one rodeo later, the ragtag group of road warriors had completed their mission.

However, we would be remiss to say the story ended with the above video. After covering the far corners of Montana, the group returned to Seattle full of inspiration from their days on the road–inspiration that they were quick to turn into an accompanying zine and limited edition skateboard graphic comprised of imagery from their travels. You can purchase both the skateboard and zine, here. A little added inspiration never hurt anyone, and with winter just around the corner, we recommend using the above video and accompanying skateboard to kickstart your adventurous spirit. You won’t regret it.

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