The B-Sides: Footage from the Cutting Room Floor

Every season videographers capture hours of footage that unfortunately never make it to the final cut. High standards from the viewers create a lot of pressure to produce high quality videos at the end of the year. Editors and riders have the heartbreaking task of what hammers and exclusive spots are actually going to make it in the film. It's a shame to leave these clips out because there is so much more to making a movie than the bangers. Instead of throwing the clips in the trash, the guys behind A Bunch Of Friends Snowboarding decided to show you the footage that almost made it.

“A whole season filming outside is probably the best thing ever. Aside from the hammers that we get to witness and shoot it also offers its share of hilarious and mundane moments, which we shoot too. Unfortunately these frames are often left behind when editing, which is a shame because they’re just as real as the bangers, it’s all part of the fun that we’re lucky enough to live out each winter.

It seemed a bit of a waste to just let all this footage sit on a hard drive as a lot of it made us a laugh, and some of it was actually pretty gnarly, so we made this short but insightful video about what goes into making a snowboard film in Austria. Hopefully this edit will give you a slightly more intimate sense of how we roll.” –Different Direction

The B-Sides: Footage from the Cutting Room Floor |