Technicolour Update

Last month, the Signal segment of the Autumn Line crew & filmer Mark W. headed to Japan for a week or so. While they were there, they took some time to show of the new Signal Park Rocker: Experimental Issue. All you park mongers… Check out what this bad boy can do! Link, Benchetler, Olsen-Elm, Hammer, and the Signal Japan Crew give you a hefty demonstration on one of their afternoon excursions.

Oh… and speaking of Hammers…. They got a few of those while they were there too. Be sure to check them out in Technicolour.

Autumn Line’s Technicolour will be out this fall, and features Gabe Taylor, Jake Devine, Matt Hammer, Peter Benchetler, Ben Bilocq, Spencer Link, Scott Blum, Brendan Hayes, Brett Butcher, Greg Hahn, Cody Rosenthal, Eric Fernandez, Pat Lynch, Lance Machado, and more.

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