TBT: Bode Merrill in NowHere

Throwback Thursday: Bode Merrill in NowHere

Utah native and strait boss of one-footed snowboard trickery, Bode Merrill is always throwing down and grabbing attention. It’s his signature session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, so keep an eye out for one-footed 720 Japan airs on hill at Hood this week, and stay tuned for the Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational July 29th and 30th. The definition of a well rounded snowboarder, Bode kills it equally hard in the streets and backcountry as he does in the park.

Checkout his part from Absinthe Films 2010 video NowHere ; progression, style, individuality, just timeless snowboarding.

Bode Merrill NowHere Absinthe Snowboarding photos

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