Svanstein Part from ENDER | The Eero Ettala Documentary

Svanstein Part from ENDER | The Eero Ettala Documentary

Another banger part from ENDER, the award-winning Eero Ettala Documentary, is here with a full section from Svanstein, Sweden. If anyone can make snow skating look as sick as this, it's Eero Ettala, Terje Haakonsen, and Heikki Sorsa. The crew goes absolutely HAM with snow skates and jump, jib and rally all over. The dudes also session a rad little trailer during a perfect Swedish sunset. Scope it all in this full part from Ender now.

Svanstein | April 2015 | by Pablo Films

Song: Trouble Andrew – Ride It Out

Insta: @chocorompe @mexifin @eeroettala @pablofilms #ender2015


Heikki Sorsa, Terje Haakonsen, Antti Jussila, and Eero Ettala

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