Sup, Bro? Full Part: Andrew Yoder & Nate Kern




Mistaken Productions proudly presents…
Sup Bro?
By: Taylor Brant

Sup Bro? is a grass-roots snowboard flick, meaning: it’s all about kickin’ it with your bros! This Colorado-based snowboard film is not beginners only! Sup Bro? features some of the best pros and next generation up-and-coming talent slashing some serious pow and throwing crazy NEW double corks! From the West Coast across the pond to Europe, follow the crew through some crazy terrain and wicked parks while listening to an epic soundtrack. This isn’t a bro-down show-down; this film takes riding back to where it should be, going big…and seeing if your bro can go bigger!

Featuring: Chris Willett, Eric Willett, Braden Wahr, Landen Wahr, Marc Moline, Taylor Brant, Jerome Kuntz , Jake Black, Zack Black, Brent Meyer, Wes Williams, Seb Kern, Nate Kern, Andrew Yoder, Nate Cordero, Bryan Cordero, Ian Smith, Mark Hoyt, Colin Spencer, Alex Cutler, Brady Farr, Austin Gibney, Andrew Buergin, Josh Revstock, Zak Shelhamer, Pat Milbery & Friends…

Sponsors: 720Boardshop, Smith Optics, Quiksilver, Northwave/Drake/Bakoda, ME Glad, Omatic, Roswell, Epic Apparel, DC, Lib Tech, YEA.NICE, Candygrind, SFC, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Arkade Magazine

Friends: JJ Thomas, Josh Sherman, JJ Johnson, Mike Casonova, Floyd Ralph, Jamie Culp, Steve Cummings, Nick Larson, Colin Tucker, Adam Stormwall, Mike Gatrell, Alex Dean, Zack Black, Brett Esser, Seth Hill, AJ Shzram, Kyle Anderson, Ricky Bates, Dillon James, Jamie Culp, Ryan Cruze

Sup Bro?….Ugghhhh! ~Eric & Chris Willett
Was that switch bro? ~Mark Hoyt
Wicked Bro! ~Nate Kern
Lets go grab some metal edge bro!! ~Andrew Yoder