The inaugural Goofy Vs. Regular contest presented by etnies just went down and team Regs, the Transworld SNOWboarding team took home the W at Bear Mountain.

GvR Results:</b><p>Total Weekend Prize Purse – $50,000<p><b>Regular Team:</b><p>1. Team MVP Juuso Laivisto – $9,000<br>2. Keegan Valaika – $4,500<br>3. Stian Solberg – $2,000<br>4. Erich Dummer – $1,750<br>5. *Robbie Walker – $2,500<br>6. *Austin Smith – $2,000<br>7. Dave Fortin – $1,000<br>8. Scott Vine – $1,000<br>9. *Markku Koski – $2,000<br>10. Cory Cronk – $1,000<br>11. Corey Noble – $1,000<br>12. *JP Walker – $2,000<br>13. *Joe Sexton – $2,000<br>14. Beverly Vuilleumier – $1,000<br>15. Desiree Melancon – $1,000 <p><b>Goofy Team: </b><p>1. *Louie Vito – $1,750<br>2. Forrest Bailey – $750<br>3. Clayton Shoemaker – $750<br>4. Tyler Flanagan – $750<br>5. Jonas Michilot – $750<br>6. *Nick Dirks – $1,750 <br>7. *Simon Chamberlain – $1,750<br>8. Siguard Haga – $750<br>9. Alex Sherman – $750<br>10. Cody Boan – $750<br>11. Kimmy Fasani – $750<br>12. Harrison Gordon – $750<br>13. *Ryan Thompson – $1,750<br>14. Gabi Viteri – $750<br>15. *Chris Bradshaw – $1,750<p>The * symbolizes the five riders selected by the team captain for the final team.  Each of these team riders receives an automatic $1,000 going into the event.