According to the high book of Cascade, found upon Mt. Hood in the early days of snowboarding, there would be a week in the year 2017 in which a legendary crew, referred to by the ancients as “Salomon”, would descend upon the glacier and wreak havoc across the famed setup. That week has come and gone, and Marco Morandi recorded the whole thing so future generations may witness the riding that happened on that fateful day.

Fully stacked, check out the Salomon edit featuring Louif Paradis, Bode Merrill, Desiree Melancon, Chris Grenier, Josh Dirksen, Harrison Gordon, Toni Kerkela, Tommy Gesme, Jesse Paul, Hans Mindnich, Nils Mindnich, Nirvana Ortanez, Flo Corzelius, Raffi Kossmann, Riley Nickerson, JJ Westbury, Finn Westbury, Austin Lamoreaux, and Drayden Gardner up at Hood.

Filming and editing by Marco Morandi.
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