Strangers Welcome – Full Movie

Once you get past the intro, it’s obvious that the Strange Brew guys know how to snowboard… and party. Immersing their travels with the company of strangers, the Strange Brew guys find a sense of community in the unfamiliar. As individuals they are merely edits, lasting only a matter of seconds. But together, they are a movie. A unified and long lasting collection of memories and folklore. Check out Craig Cameron, Jasper Tripp, Ian Daly, Chad Blau, Casey PletzHunter Murphy, Brett Wulc, Danny Kern, and Keenan Cawley in Strangers Welcome – Full Movie.

“The Stranger is a person who leaves a story in their wake;
a trail encrypted by folklore instead of footprint.
One who appears to amble
but possesses something far from mindless inside their cranium.
What goes on inside the brain of the Stranger
is not just the call – the voice –
but a recognition of it
and an immutable desire to pursue.
The Stranger dawns on accreditation
though the forecast calls for a dense fog,
rendering humanity blind to the Strangers’ efforts.
The Stranger is familiar with frustration
though can’t seem to give a damn about that;
The Stranger will continue.” – Strange Brew

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