Strange Brew’s New Movie Serious Delirium Teaser

This past season the Strange Brew dudes piled into their sketch black van and made way across the country. The first stop was Duluth Minnesota. The weather had provided a plethora of snow in the Mid West so they stuck around Minnesota for two weeks. Temperatures dropped to uncomfortable lows so the crew dipped for warmer temps in Boston where it had recently dropped enough snow for one day of ridding before the rain hit. Next was a quick pit stop at Yawgoo Valley where the boys encountered unforgivable hospitality and more rain. After a good afternoon with the Yawgoons, they made way for Vermont heading straight through a shit crust blizzard. A few days of good filming and catching up at the Cawley residents and onward they went heading to the far North of Michigan, Marquette. Gas funds between the crew became scares and there was a serious case of Delirium drifting through the van. So homebound they went only to find them selfs losing their minds in the backcountry woods of Lake Tahoe.

Featuring Jasper Jamal Tripp, Ian Jerome Daly, Chad Blau, Nate Blomquist, Hunter Murphy, Craiger Cameron, and Keenan Cawley

Film and Edit By Danny Kern Additional Filming Ben Eames, Nate Blomquist, and the rest of the crew.

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Strange Brew, Serious Delirium, Teaser

Hunter Murphy Backside Wallride.