Strange Brew Strangers Welcome EP. 1 : Opening Day At Boreal

So it’s November, and the daily average temp is between 55 and 65 yet some how Lane and his crew of magicians up at Boreal manage to make enough snow to open a strip of slick stuff for some strangers to play on. The Strange Brew Crew plays, get played and unfortunately had to listen to the house DJ play… all day.

Strangers: Stinky Dale, Chedda Bob, Shady Brady, Wilky Boy, Mizzl, Jaspa Bub, Freddy, Armen, Dom, The Swede, Slick Rick, Pletz, Icky Ricky
Music: Yungmilkcrate – Waveyblade By My Side
Film/Edit: Danny Kern

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Strange Brew Opening Day At Boreal