If you know what’s best, you’ll drop it all and watch Strange Brew’s newest piece, [AWAY FROM KEYBOARD.] It’s a 17-minute street showing, that really flies right by thanks to Strange Brew’s editing know-how, the spots, and the choice crew of snowboarders. Featuring Flanny, Lenny, Don Kilo, Groovy, Keenan Cawley, Craig Cameron, Jacob Krugmire, Brett Wilkinson, Hunter Murphy, Tommy Gesme, Marcus Rand, The Geisens, Casey Pletz, Freddy Mccarthy, Riley Nickerson, Ian Daly, Danny Kern, Don Wheeler, Zander Blackmon, Kai, Woodrow, and Vinny. Filmed by Brett Wulc and Danny Kern, Edited by Brett Wulc.

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