Strange Brew 16 : Buoy

From Strange Brew:
There has been a slight disturbance in our journey. All the resort hopping and spot bopping set our collective head spinning. We longed for a breather; for a step out of winter’s world. A step into sand; a step into the belovedly over-exaggerated, culturally bizarro spring break. We were long overdue for an uninhibited release.
Considering we couldn’t afford a trip to Cabo or SXSW, we did the next best thing: we went to the beach in Tahoe. The sand was hard and no naked women were present, and margaritas were replaced by a couple Budweisers, and the only white was the few inches of actual snow scattered on said hard sand. Still, we were on a beach making questionable decisions. What the fuck ever, dude, it’s Spring Break. Ride the wave :P

Kokomo – The Beach Boys

Keenan Cawley
Matt Aura
Aidan Flanagan
Sam Bakken
Brett Wilkinson

Brett Wulc

Brett Wulc